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Pedro Ramos

Pedro Ramos: A 4 Hour Wait In An Ambulance Is Nothing!

The Regional Secretary of Health and Civil Protection, Pedro Ramos, said today that waiting for four hours in an ambulance is nothing!

Reacting to comments and criticisms from the emergency services, who are querying why it is necessary for patients to remain inside an ambulance for such a long time outside the hospitals A & E department,  Pedro Ramos said that due to the necessary security and health and safety precautions that still need to be taken, it was not really a long time, especially as the new Covid-19 variants are highly infectious and easily transmissible, stating:

“If we wait four hours for greater safety of users and health professionals, the wait is not long,” he then went on to give examples of where people had died through lack of health professionals, clearly referring to what happened recently, in Caldas da Rainha, where a baby died due to lack of  obstetricians on duty.

Regarding the high number of Covid-19 related deaths in recent days, Pedro Ramos simply stated that high infection rates equals more deaths.

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