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Ukraine: New International Protection Status Statistics

The Regional Secretary for Inclusion and Citizenship released new information on the 383 applications for International Protection.  Of these applications 182 (47.5%) were women, 78 (20.4%) and 123 (32.1%) children. 

Services provided by the Regional Government, via counter 30 at Loja da Cidade, show that 147 families, (356 people) have asked for assistance, and that:

84 children will be integrated into the island’s education system.  Of this 34 are already attending school, with the remainder being introduced after the Easter break.

74 people have been referred to the health service as they are on medication or suffer from chronic diseases.

168 people have expressed their intention of finding a job.

With regards to accommodation, 66 Madeiran families have offered to host a Ukrainian family.  Although, the majority are centred in Funchal, accommodation has been offered throughout the region.  As such, 32 families (74 people) have been matched with a Madeiran host, and there are 4 families currently residing at the Bico do Barcelos Youth Centre (7 people).

Fifty-four families are currently receiving food support via the Madeira Social Security Institute. 

While 117 companies have expressed their desire to employ Ukraine staff, leading to 153 job offers through the Employment Institute, with the support of ACIF. So far, 32 job applications are being processed by the institute, and 19 job interviews/jobs have been offered. 

In addition to this, free Portuguese language courses are available for all refugees, either in person or online. 

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