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Animals Housed at São Vicente Kennel Are Treated With Respect

The People, Animals and Nature party (PAN), visited the São Vicente kennel yesterday and, despite having found that it is “a space adapted to help animals” and not a kennel created for this purpose, it concluded that “the animals that are there are well treated.”

The coordinator for the protection of animal rights at PAN-Madeira, Sofia Nóbrega, and Regional spokesperson Joaquim José Sousa, were on site and issued a statement concluding that the animals “are protected from rain and cold, have access to fresh food and water daily, monitored by a veterinarian” and even “used to be adopted by responsible families.”

Therefore a spokesperson for PAN added:

“Thus, we can assure all people who have read and interpreted the news that have been published on this subject, in a negative way, to look at who wrote the article and if are still unconvinced of the animal care to visit the place, volunteer and help improve the existing facilities. It is all too easy to condemn something, without actually knowing what it does!”

The party has also issued a complaint against the Animal Ombudsman, asking: 

“Why the head of the Ombudsman did not personally visit the site, as well as questions why the intercity kennel, which was supposed to be built in Porto Moniz to support animals in the north of the island, never got off the ground? And that physical checks are vitally important, and far more important than a few phone calls or emails when it comes to assessing a situation.  Concluding they added, the Animal Ombudsman needs to do something to justify their rather ‘generous salary!”

Samantha Gannon

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