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Forest Fire Prevention

Last updated on 5th January 2022

The Government is working on a fire brake strip in Funchal. The strip will cut through a total area of 640 hectares of highly combustible forest. “Right now, we already have an intervention in about 380 hectares. We are cutting and removing around 55 thousand tons of acacia and eucalyptus trees a year in this zone”, revealed President Miguel Albuquerque. “These species, which increase the risk of fire, are being replaced mainly by endemic species.”

The project also encompasses a water network for combating forest fires, in “Caminho dos Pretos” in the upper zone of the Funchal. The network comprises 20 fire hydrants, arranged along nine kilometers of pipelines, a 1,500 mc reservoir, pressure drop chambers and pressure reducers. The project aims to ensure water quickly and in sufficient quantity to firefighters, providing more safety to people and goods. The project represents an investment of 2.1 million euros.

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