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Fireworks clean-up

The end-of-the-year fireworks show lasted eight minutes, but the post-show logistics don’t end in the first few minutes of January 1st. It was this dismantling work that the regional secretary of Tourism and Culture, Eduardo Jesus, accompanied today, in the installations of the Support Unit of the Madeira Military Zone, which, as usual, are used by “Macedo’s Pirotecnia” as an operations center and shipyard for the fireworks show. The Regional Secretary of Tourism and Culture had the privilege of knowing procedures, techniques and even the different pyrotechnic materials used, as well as having the opportunity to speak with many of the people involved in the show, which presented several novelties, not only in terms of lasers, but also with drones that formed several drawings in the sky.

The dismantling work began on the afternoon of January 1st with the cleaning of the fireworks launching stations, followed by the removal in the next few days. After everything is clean and tidy, the material returns to the company’s magazine, located in Santo da Serra. The Government official duly praised the team (80 of them from Madeira Island): “Everything worked very well; the year 2021 ended well and the year 2022 began well”.

Ursula Hahn
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