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The Cumbre Vieja

Last updated on 25th December 2021

Spanish scientists announced on Saturday, that the eruption of the Cumbre Vieja Volcano on the island of La Palma is officially over. Geologists will make such a declaration after a volcano has stopped its activity for at least 10 consecutive days. Júlio Pérez, the director of the Volcanic Emergency Plan of the Canary Islands said that “there is no more lava or a significant emission of gas”.  The eruption shook the island for three months. Madeira is only 26 min away from La Palma by air, and as La Palma was under duress from the eruption and constant earthquakes, our Island also experienced minor shakes.

Experts estimate that it will take several years to clean up and rebuild the damage from the eruption, adding that the area will remain dangerous due to toxic gas emissions, temperature and the risk of landslides. According to data released at the end of November, the eruption increased the Spanish island by 43 hectares, with the creation of lava deltas and “fajãs” that reached the waters of the Atlantic. At least 2,651 houses were destroyed by lava.

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