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O Captain, my Captain!

Following a meeting of his Health and Economy Captains with restaurant owners and the Chamber of Commerce, President Miguel Albuquerque was asked about the initiatives to be taken to keep the pandemic on the island under control.

Following the measures taken on the mainland, he indicated that the Government intends to keep all activities open, provided people comply and are responsible. “If we lose control of the situation, we will have to close down [establishments], and it’s not in anyone’s interest to do that. If they hold back a little, don’t go drinking on the street, don’t walk on top of each other, stick with distance, hand hygiene and the use of a mask, it’s not the end of the world, “he said.

The Government on the mainland has established several restrictions for the holidays but no lockdown. Some measures: bars and discotheques will shut down is of Dec 25; home office work to be done as much as possible; instead of four free rapid tests per months, people can have up to six free tests;

on New Year’s Eve, a maximum of 10 people may be joining together in the streets.

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