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The Frigate NRP Mondego is coming to our waters tomorrow.

On this peaceful island, we do not notice much of the presence of the armed forces but they are here. In S. Martino, near the new “Leroy Merlin” space, the army has their barracks. The men stationed there in February 2010 were a great help for the population, hard hit by the flash flood. Around 5000 residents found temporary shelter in the barracks; the solders, helping in the clean-up, slept in sleeping bags.

The “Mondego” is patrolling our waters, for rescue missions and to control of the Portuguese marine space, including the normally uninhabited “Selvagens“ Islands further to the south west. They are Portuguese but the Spanish would love to have them… Therefore, a few soldiers are now stationed there; they need to be provisioned and replaced regularly.

The Mondego is one of three vessels for this purpose, she carries a crew of 29 seamen. “NRP Sines” is being relieved of this duty and returns to Lisbon.

Ursula Hahn
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