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PSD Worried About TAP ‘Sharking Practices’

The PSD/Madeira today criticized what it said were TAP’s “loan usage practices” on repatriation flights from Venezuela, and considered the Prime Minister, António Costa, as an “outlaw” for failing to comply with State Budget measures.

The criticisms arose at the Madeira Legislative Assembly plenary, after Social Democrat deputy Carlos Fernandes pointed out the high costs charged by the air carrier in repatriation flights from Venezuela, opining that “a country (Portugal) who abandons its communities, its diaspora, can only be classed as a failed country.”

The vice-president of the PSD parliamentary group, Carlos Rodrigues added that this situation configures “practices of loan sharking and extortion” by the airline, with capital mostly held by the State. Therefore, Prime Minister,  António Costa, is an outlaw, especially in his dealings with Madeira, and a cheater as well. “Let’s hope” he added heatedly “that he believes in karma, because he has lied to us all.”

In matters relating to Madeira, he outlined the problems the region is still having in relation to the mobility allowance, the acquisition of equipment to improve the operation of Madeira Airport, as well as a reduction in airport fees to values ​​similar to those charged in the Azores.

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