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Animal Ombudsman: 13 Cases of Animal Cruelty Reported

This afternoon, the Animal Ombudsman confirmed that it has already received 13 complaints of animal cruelty.  However, in Porto Santo, it was quite the opposite, as a citizen has complained of being attacked by a dog on multiple occasions, and whose owner insists that the dog is allowed to roam the streets, saying that the dog ‘doesn’t do any harm!’

Given the recurrence of the attacks, the citizen, who does not wish to be named, has asked the dog’s owner to keep the animal within the confines of the property.  Needless to say, the response he got to his complaint and request, were direct and too the point!

Taking his complaint to the authorities, the walker asks if he will be protected should the dog attack him again.  And just to prove his point, he will be walking the same route tomorrow, accompanied by an authority representative.

As he says, he respects animals, and those who love them……but pedestrians also have rights.

Samantha Gannon

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