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A Weekend of Domestic Violence and Robbery

The PSP Regional Command issued a statement this morning confirming that last weekend they arrested three men on domestic violence charges.  The three Madeiran men, aged between 35 and 47 will remain in police custody until their initial court hearings. 

A further arrest took place when a 53 year-old man broke into someone’s garden, pinched a ‘mill stone’ and then attacked the owner of the house.  Luckily, the incident was reported, and the police were able to apprehend the suspect within a hundred metres of the house. Again the suspect has been detained until a court hearing is scheduled.  Unfortunately, the owner of the house had to be taken to hospital because of his injuries.

A woman was also attacked and mugged by three men in Funchal.  Two men grabbed hold of her while another stole her money.  After which they ran away without hurting her.  Again the incident was immediately reported to the police, who were able to identify and arrest the perpetrators, who still had her money in their possession.  This they were able to return to its rightful owner. 

Finally, the police have issued a plea asking that anyone who has been the victim of a crime to alert the PSP immediately, as by doing this they can support victims, recover stolen property, and identify and apprehend those who pose a threat to the safety of the local community.  

Samantha Gannon

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