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Caniço Farmers Market Proposal

CHEGA’s Mayoral candidate for the Caniço Parish Council today defended the need for better and greater investment in Santa Cruz’s agriculture sector, namely through the construction of a central market.

In a press statement, the candidate who has not been named, stated:

“The land around Santa Cruz deserves special attention, namely in the expansion of the different types of fruits and vegetables which can be grown in its fertile soil. By encouraging and improving local agriculture, we can not only supply the Municipality of Santa Cruz, but Madeira itself.”

In addition, Caniço needs a central market, which will serve as an outlet for the municipality’s produce, therefore, creating more jobs and generating an income which will benefit the economy of the parish and municipality.  The creation of such a market would be implemented through a joint effort between the Caniço Parish Council and the Santa Cruz City Council, reusing abandoned facilities where the project would comprise of a local produce market, shops, fishmongers and butchers, as well as adequate car parking facilities.”

Samantha Gannon

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