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If You Don’t Behave, We Will Fine You!

The President of the Regional Government, Miguel Albuquerque, stressed today that the situation in Porto Santo is complicated, and that to address the situation, a greater police presence will be maintained.

While on an official visit to the Regional Civil Protection Service, the President of Madeira, categorically stated that those who do not comply with the pandemic health and safety measures, such as social distancing, curfews and mask wearing will be fined. However, he has so far, refused to send in the Rapid Response Police (BIR), due to age of many of the groups.

Backing up his statement, Miguel Albuquerque stated “we’re going to start fining people. This is because the situation in Porto Santo is about to get very complicated. Right now, we have to act, and I’m going to talk to the Police Commander, in order to bring in a minimal level of control.  This is maintaining social distancing, mask wearing and curfew compliance, because if we don’t act now, there will be a serious problem!”

He then went on the praise the police, who he said, have acted within the “principle of reasonableness. However, it is not the governments’ fault if people cannot behave themselves and act irresponsibly, and the sad fact is that if this situation develops further, it will be the general population, and businesspeople of Porto Santo who will suffer.  Funchal has already suffered as a consequence!”

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