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We Need Video Surveillance to Keep Porto Santo Safe!

Stressing the importance of maintaining and strengthening security on the island – which has always been one of Porto Santo’s trademark images – Nuno Batista, PSD/CDS coalition candidate to the Porto Santo City Council, has defended the need for a video surveillance system to be installed in the city centre. 

A surveillance system, Nuno Batista believes is essential to deter deviant and delinquent behaviour, that jeopardises the communities and visitors well-being and safety.  Every year,” said Nuno “the name of Porto Santo is synonymous with bad behaviour, whether it is law breaking or drunkenness leading to alcoholic comas, and we have to change this image. By installing a video surveillance system, we can create a greater sense of security, as well as provide a deterrent to those who simply misbehave on holiday. Camera’s have been installed in numerous Portuguese cities, and the results have been encouraging.”

“At this point, we have to be competitive, and any element, any improvement, could make all the difference when thinking about choosing Porto Santo as a holiday destination, or even as a residence. Our entrepreneurs, our general population are all ready to contribute to the recovery of Porto Santo, and it is up to the official institutions, starting with the City Council, to provide the best possible conditions to help them achieve their goals.”

Samantha Gannon

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