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Bailiffs Arrive at Ronaldo’s Sister’s Restaurant in Funchal

Restaurant ‘Cascatas e Girassóis,’ located in Marina Shopping, which has been closed since the beginning of the pandemic,  and owned by Elma Aveiro, the sister of Cristiano Ronaldo, re-opened briefly on Friday the 18th of June, when a law enforcement agent, accompanied by police officers, removed all the contents, due to a €5,000 debt to supplier J. Nelson Abreu SA.

Restaurant employee, Lilia Ferreira, who has managed the restaurant since it opened on the 2nd of May 2018, said that that the supplier had had repeatedly tried to reach an agreement with Elma Aveiro, without success.

While talking to reporters about the incident, she said:

“Everything happened very quickly. They arrived with the police and took everything that was inside. I know that the enforcement agent had been in touch with Dona Elma, who said that she couldn’t do anything about it, and that they could do what they wanted!”

Elma Aveiro’s debts, according to Correio da Manhã, are not only with J. Nelson Abreu SA.  Her staff were unable to claim any unemployment benefits during the layoff, as she had not paid any of their social security payments.

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