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Scholarships for Foreign Doctors

The deputy of the Madeira Socialist Party (PS), to the Assembly of the Republic, Olavo Câmara, defended today the creation of a scholarship scheme to support foreign doctors while they obtain their equivalent Portuguese certifications, which can take several years. 

This afternoon, during the hearing of the Minister for Foreign Affairs, at the Committee on Foreign Affairs and Portuguese Communities, the parliamentarian considered that a solution needs to be made to create a less painful, expensive and time-consuming process.  And this solution, he said, involves partnerships, as has already happened in the past, with the Gulbenkian Foundation.  

It should be noted that the President of Madeira has already contacted the foundation, and has attended several meetings with different associations highlighting the plight of several doctors in Madeira, who need to complete their equivalent qualification process but are struggling due to financial constraints.  

Olavo Câmara considers that this an important issue for Madeira, not only because of the pandemic situation, but also as a matter of justice, as many Portuguese descendants find themselves in a untenable situation. “We know that the Government has done everything possible, despite the obstructions created by the Order of Doctor’s who appear to have no interest in creating a better future for those physician’s who have trained overseas. 

Concluding he said: “How can we accept that many of these processes can take more than two years, where foreign doctors have to undergo several evaluations and write a final thesis, all of which require hours of study and work, not to mention cost.  The problem is, how do they reconcile the high costs and hours of study against the low salaries they earn, as they are prevented from working in their chosen profession.

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