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Two Weeks Before Curfew Decision Made

While officially opening a restaurant in Caniço, A Central, The President of Madeira, Miguel Albuquerque said that any changes to the curfew are dependent on the evolution of the pandemic following the re-opening of schools.  Today five students tested Covid positive. 

When asked by journalists about the island’s tourism future, the President said: “I am optimistic and I am sure that tourism will return to Madeira because we offer security.”

Of course, the use of sniffer dogs could be extended outside the initial airport scenario.

Sniffer dogs and handlers could be employed by schools, so that children, students and teachers are subject to a canine sniff detection test.  And technically, with a 92% success rate, and the ability to sniff out Covid before it develops, these dogs could certainly put the educational system at ease and create a safer environment.

Furthermore, these dogs could be used in shopping centres and areas where large numbers of people congregate i.e. supermarkets, the beach and central Funchal. By using an non-invasive canine detection unit, Madeira and Porto Santo could offer a ‘Very Safe Travel Destination’ option, as well as create employment and training for potential dog handlers and rescue dogs themselves.

Samantha Gannon

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