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JPP Advocate Cheaper National Tourism

At a meeting this morning, the ‘Juntos pelo Povo’ (JPP) stressed the need to guarantee measures capable of mitigating the destructive impact of the pandemic on the island’s economy. They went on to say that “since the region cannot control or change the macro measures that are being followed, it can, however, consider a mitigation scheme aimed at recovering and maintaining possible tourist market dynamics. It is imperative that extraordinary measures are adopted to complement those in force at the airport.”

“Perhaps we need to look at new market niches and a new strategy to attract people which is also adapted to the difficult times we are experiencing. We need a campaign especially directed at the national market with the aim of reducing prices, namely by creating a system that would allow Portuguese citizens to enjoy the same ticket price stipulated for Madeirans.”

“This strategy would not only allow the market adapt to a reduction of income from Portuguese travellers, but also guarantee a national tourist niche that would greatly benefit the hotel and hospitality sector.

Samantha Gannon

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