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Georeferencing – Big Brother With Benefits

By Paulo Vasconcelos Freitas (
I saw this article, and thought it was interesting. I hope you find it as thought provoking as I have – Samantha

Here some time ago, when we started talking about Covid-19’s tracking applications, the possibility of georeferencing users was one of the most questioned and criticized topics. The subject is nothing new, but it seems that only now we realize that almost everything we do is monitored.

In a simple and practical exercise, we can check how our movements are recorded, just open our photo albums on the mobile phone and realize that the locations where the photos were taken from are there, we can even create automatic albums with this function, without having to select photos one by one.

If you use public WiFi networks, you can easily know where you have been in the past few days, following the order of connection to those access points.

Social networks are a “logbook” of your life, they record everything and anything, what you do, what you like, what you see, where you are going or who visited and you don’t even have to worry about parameterizing your smartphone , because everything is automatic and often unnoticeable. Wanting to turn off all these forms of location or monitoring requires some advanced knowledge on your part, but it will certainly guarantee an “interesting” user experience, you will spend all the time receiving notifications to connect to this or that to “ensure that your equipment it will work in the best possible way ”, in short, wanting to remain incognito all the time, makes normal use of the equipment practically impossible.

Although we seem to be experiencing a “ Big Brother ”, all these features available are even for our benefit.

We can at any time check where we are through maps, indicate the precise location of a publication, search for a restaurant nearby, find out where the promotions are or which stores with stock of the item we are looking for, these features are even more important when traveling, allowing, for example, to automatically adjust the time zone upon arrival at the destination or to ensure that it records all moments of the holiday with the precise location from which the photos or videos were taken.

One of the features that I find very useful is that we can send our location to a friend or a customer so that they can find us quickly without having to explain the route to the place where we are located, simply by simply following the directions of the application.

Location services can be activated or deactivated manually as needed, or managed individually for each app, which allows us to have control over what we share or record from our movements and privacy.

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