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TAP’s Reduced Working Hours Continue

TAP’s Board of Directors have confirmed that throughout October the airlines staff will continue to work on its current schedule of reduced hours. 

The air carrier justified its decision by saying that there has to be a progressive resumption in the return to a new normality that the pandemic has created, and that by keeping the work force on restricted hours they have taken measures designed to protect jobs and guarantee the sustainability of the airline. 

By following the guidelines of the simplified ‘lay-off’ plan which TAP adopted in August there has been a progressive reduction in the number of hours that employees can work.  By taking this course of action the airline has avoided dismissing staff due to financial constraints.

A spokesperson for the airline said that “taking into account the evolution of the pandemic, the successive restrictions on the mobility of people defined by the government authorities of the countries where TAP operates and monitoring demand, we are experiencing a slow and gradual resumption of activity.”

Furthermore, the spokesperson stated that the pandemic has had an “enormous impact” on the aviation sector worldwide and that TAP will adopt the necessary measures to mitigate these consequences with regard to both its operational and job protection plans.”

On the 19th of July, Portuguese media outlet Lusa reported that all TAP workers were returning to work in August, but would work fewer hours which effectively put an end to the suspension of employment contracts.

In the first half of 2020 the TAP Group recorded a loss of 606 million euros of which 582 million refer exclusively to aviation (TAP SA). On the 17th of July, the EU Council of Ministers approved the granting of a loan of up to 1,200 million euros to TAP in accordance with the decision of the European Commission.

The first tranche of the loan, totaling 250 million euros, was received by TAP on the 17th of July.  They received their second installment of 224 million euros on the 30th of July, and the final payment of 25 million euros on the 31st of August. 

According to the Board of Directors every member of staff will be contacted and informed as to how the current working trends will affect them.

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