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Tourism – We Are On the Right Track

The PSD Parliamentary Group (PSD PG) considers that Madeira is an example to the world in its efforts to promote the resumption of tourism without neglecting the safety of the population.

During an interview today in the centre of Funchal, a spokesperson stressed that “we live in a particularly sensitive period in terms of public health and we are aware of the difficulties and challenges that lie ahead.” He went on to say that “it is crucial we recognise the effort and strategy of the Regional Government and tour operators in the resumption of tourism and the promotion of Madeira as a safe destination. We know that this is the way.”

“It is a strategy which has achieved results, as evidenced by the decision of the British Government to maintain the air corridor to Madeira, and which has been recognised by Turismo de Portugal and the Government of the Republic as an important factor in Madeira’s efforts to encourage the resumption of tourism and promotion of the island itself.

As far as the PSD Parliamentary Group is concerned, Madeira is on the right path, based on a strategy that safeguards public health, but also promotes tourism which is vital for the regional economy.

Samantha Gannon

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