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Territorial Inequalities in Funchal

This morning CDU (United Democratic Coalition) representatives met residents from the parish of São Martinho, Funchal. During a walkabout, Herlanda Amado said that during her time in the parish she and other party delegates have been made aware of a number of legitimate and just demands from local residents, and despite promises from various city council executives none have been acted upon.

The municipal deputy understands that, within the parish there is a “serious problem with concerning a lack of  accessibility to many services including sanitation and public transport.”

Herlanda Amado also affirmed that the residents of Castanheiro and Rampa do Relojoeiro, in the Amparo area, have also spent several years campaigning for better accessibility. “Over the years improved access within Castanheiro and Rampa do Relojoeiro has been promised, and an enlargement project has even been presented, but in truth despite all the promises nothing has been done. The population of these areas includes a good many people with reduced mobility due to age, infirmity and other health problems. As an example, many have a 30 minute walk or more before they reach their nearest bus stop.  Further difficulties arise for the emergency services due to the restrictive nature of the infrastructure putting at risk not only those who live here, but also those who provide assistance.”

The current situation, she feels, highlights the inequalities that exist within the Funchal municipality and she assured the population that the CDU will continue to “intervene and pressure the authorities so that the just demands of local residents are identified and acted upon.”

Samantha Gannon

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