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10 KG of Heroin Seized At Airport

A woman has been arrested at Madeira’s International Airport trying to smuggle in 10 kg of heroin, in what has been the biggest drug seizure of heroin on the island.

The Judiciary Police announced earlier that through their recently launched ‘Operation Pico Ruivo’ they had dismantled a drug supply chain to island.  This is the largest seizure of heroin recorded in the Autonomous Region of Madeira, with the amount seized corresponding to approximately 120,000 individual doses. Typical U.S street values put an average user spending $438 and $1,750 per week on 10 -15 bags of heroin, depending on the current street prices and purity of the drug.

After a four month investigation by the Department of Criminal Investigation of Madeira, the Judicial Police (JP)  launched ‘Operation Pico Ruivo,’ last weekend.

According to the Annual Internal Security Report (RASI), states that the 10 kilogram haul represents almost a fifth of the total heroin seized in Portugal last year. In 2019 the Portuguese authorities seized 46 kilos, representing a decrease of almost 50% of seizures in relation to the previous year.

The woman is currently undergoing questioning.

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