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DECO – Madeira – High Electricity Bill Warning

Consumer Protection Agency, DECO, based in Caniço, Madeira has issued a statement saying that it has received several requests for information from Madeiran consumers about their essential public services bills, namely electricity bills. Most of the complaints relate to a sudden increase in the amounts charged compared to previous months, and that consumers are being charged for six months consumption. In their press note, the agency advise all consumers to check their bills carefully, especially the consumption dates the bills relate to, as some have been for periods of six months or more, and as such, state that consumers are not obliged to pay such amounts.

According to the Public Services Law, “consumers can refuse to pay the required amount, however, they must send a letter declaring their intent by registered post, ensuring that they receive an acknowledgement of receipt.  Moreover, if the consumer pays the bill they will be unable to recover the monies paid.

For more information or legal support, please contact DECO Madeira by telephoning 968 800 489 or 291 146 520, email them at or call in person at their office in – Rua Dr. Francisco Peres, 9125- 014 Caniço.

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