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Playgrounds Re-open on the 18th of July

Playgrounds will officially re-open on the 18th of July with a new set of rules.  These are:-

a) The entity responsible for the playground must have a contingency plan and post the parks rules with regards to mask wearing, hand washing and operationality clearly.

b) Mandatory use of a mask by children over 10 years old, and their companion.

c) Maintain a minimum physical distance of 2 metres, with the exception of those from the same household or child’s parent.

d) Three metre social distancing to be used while waiting to use slides and similar apparatus to avoid clusters of parents and children.

e) Observation of the correct etiquette with regard to sneezing and coughing.

f) Prohibition on sharing materials and equipment, as well as taking toys to the park.

g) Arrange for the dispensing of alcohol-based antiseptic solution (SABA) or alcohol-based solution, next to the park entrance, bathroom entrances and exits and in the slides and similar areas.

h) The entities responsible for the parks must make sure that the appropriate entry and exit circuits are outlined, to avoid crowds and intersections of people.

i) The companion responsible for the child must have an alcohol-based antiseptic solution (SABA) and frequently disinfect the child’s hands.

j) Reinforcement of regular cleaning and disinfection of spaces, surfaces and equipment, with a clearly visible cleaning record sheet.

l) Avoid using drinking fountains.

m) Prohibition of consumption of drinks and food.

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