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Vespas Nightclub – We Need to Return to Normal

Vespas Nightclub and discotheque has called for a return to normality, claiming that the “confinement period” is over.

In recognition of the difficulties that this sector is experiencing cover all other social activities and that on the 1st of July the island re-opens to tourist, the group believes that “the re-opening of legitimate nightclubs is necessary to avoid illegal parties and gatherings which are on the increase throughout the island.” In a post of the clubs Facebook page they say “It is necessary to have a balanced definition of schedules, bars until 2 am and discos until 6 am, thus taking into account associated operating costs.”

In addition to the prevention measures already known, Vespas recommends the adoption of a campaign that calls for “individual responsibility in relation to the risks of Covid-19, similar to the one adopted successful during the HIV (AIDS) campaign.

The club concluded by saying “COVID-19 walks both at night and during the day … As long as there is no vaccine and in order to minimise the harmful effects on the economy, we can only appeal to the responsibility of each and every individual. We cannot die waiting for a cure, it is the people who make the economy.”

However, many feel that now is not the time for masses of people to get together, organised or not!

Samantha Gannon

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