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JPP Will Not Vote in Favour of Uber Law

The JPP (Juntos Pelo Povo) says it will not vote tomorrow (30.06.2020) in favour of the adoptation of RAM Law No. 45/2018 (Uber Law).

In a press note, the JPP Deputy Élvio Sousa, stated that he considers it “inadmissible that some of the elements that are fundamental to the regulation of the activity continue to be omitted by both the governing body of the Region and the elected representatives of the population particularly as they fall within the competence of a member of the government, appointed by the Regional Directorate for Economy and Land Transport (DRETT), and who is dependent on the Regional Secretary for the Economy, Rui Barreto.”

The deputy went on to state that “we cannot admit that the specifications related to Law no. 45/2018, are defined by an order of the DRETT namely, the fixing of a contingent by geographic areas, given that only the regional government has access to all the necessary information which has yet to be distributed fully.  And it is was his party that proposed that” TVDE drivers could not collect ad hoc (hailing) passengers on public roads, or in public squares dedicated to taxi services, as well as proposing that TVDE operators are banned from collecting passengers from within 100 metres from taxi stands, all of which have been rejected by the PSD/CDS coalition.”

Also, “It is further added that the PSD/CDS coalition failed to approve any of the JPP’s proposals, including the contingent of 1/30 vehicles, and their clear and unequivocal distribution by geographic area which will not adversely impact on the livelihood of taxi professionals.

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