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PCP Defends the Islands Cherry Producers


This week, Portuguese Communist Party (PCP) deputy Ricardo Lume visited the parish of Curral das Freiras to discuss with the local population and farmers the brutal loss of cherry and sour cherry production in the parish due to the extreme weather conditions that have impacted negatively on crop production.  In addition, the deputy also wanted to present a legislative initiative drawn up by the PCP which aims to guarantee support for cherry producers during this difficult time.

During his walkabout he gained first hand knowledge of the difficulties the crop failure has had on the economic and social fabric of the area as well as the threat to the economic subsistence of many of the families engaged in agriculture on the island. Of particular concern, the vast majority of farmers are unable to insure their crops due to their size as must cherry producers across the island are micro or small farmers.

Producers fear that if there is no support for production loses within their sector the income of many families will plummet.  What they need now is money to tide them over this difficult time and allow them to invest in crop production for the coming years.

Samantha Gannon

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