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CDU-Madeira – Alberto João Jardim Must Attend a Parliamentary Hearing

Following the discovery of a contaminated well in the basement of the deactivated Madeira Electricity Company (EEM) Thermal Power Plant, the CDU-Madeira announced that they will request a parliamentary hearing on this matter which will require the attendance of the former President of the Regional Government.

In a damning statement, a spokesperson for the party affirmed “We are going to request the urgent holding of a parliamentary hearing to assess statements from former government officials who are thought to be implicated in the concealment of an environmental crime.  The hearing will commence with the former President of the Regional Government of Madeira, Alberto João Jardim, and include members the Board of Directors of EEM. In this way, we can establish the facts and determine the chain of events leading to the hydrocarbon discovery.”

According to Diário de Notícias da Madeira, construction of the Socorridos Wastewater Pumping Station has been “suspended” following the discovery of a fuel residue well at the old Vitória Thermal Power Station which belonged to EEM.

In a note sent to the newspaper, the Regional Secretary for the Environment and Climate Change confirmed the existence of “hydrocarbons in the form of oily water and contaminated soil at the base of the foundations of the new pumping station’ and attributed its existence to the electricity company, saying “The contamination will have originated from the former power plant and that being so all decontamination costs will be assumed by EEM.”

The CDU also intends to appeal to the Public Prosecutor’s Office to determine any possible liability for crimes against the public interest saying, “As it has been proven that the contamination of the site was covered up to ‘camouflage’ an environmental crime action is essential to safeguard the public good.”

This matter will be discussed at the regular meeting of the Funchal City Council today (18th of June).

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