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Gathering Can Resume – But With New Rules

The Director-General of Health (DGS) defended today that people can meet up, but in a different way from the past, because everyone will have to comply with the new social distancing rules introduced to minimise the spread of Covid-19. During her daily press conference, the Director General of Health, Graça Freitas, stated that “nothing prevents people from sitting on a terrace, enjoying good music and eating grilled sardines.” However, she stressed, it is necessary to comply with the distancing rules: “It is the new normality. Things can be done, but with rules.”

The Director-General of Health said that, at this moment the rules were working and the risk minimal, but there are occasions when the risk is deemed too great. As such local authorities have guaranteed that popular festivals and parties will not be held, even if they are promoted informally through licenced establishments. This was further reiterated by Sociologist Mariana Vieira da Silva, who said that “relaxation of the rules does not mean normality and that popular festivals and parties are expressly prohibited.”

Justifying their actions, the DGS  says that social distancing rules prevent any type of party, including private parties, something that has given the authorities cause for concern over the last couple of weeks.

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