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Quarantine – We Want to Stay Here!

Currently, eight habeas corpus requests have been submitted to the Criminal Investigation Court of Funchal. 

The law currently states that all arrivals to the island must undergo a 14-day quarantine periodHowever, many believe that as the State of Emergency is now over, the confinement is unlawful, and that they would rather isolate themselves at home.  

While others are clamouring to get out, there are some who insist they remain in quarantine away from their family homes, for fear of infection and infecting others. There are currently two people staying at the Vila Galé hotel, who have said that they want to remain at the hotel until they produce a negative Covid-19 test resultFothem, their families and public health come first, especially as they know they will be unable to self-isolate within the family home. 

Samantha Gannon
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