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Increased Poverty – New Challenges Ahead

With a world in turmoil and an increase in global poverty especially among the most vulnerable sections of the community, the EAPN – Portugal/European Anti Poverty Network, has proposed that governments and social entities start thinking about the challenges ahead and how to tackle what is increasingly becoming a widespread and complex problem.  These include social exclusion, loss of opportunities especially in education, social inferiority, mental health issues and lack of employment.

In their statement, a spokesperson for the organisation said “We remain available to cooperate with national, regional and local entities in the search for solutions and initiatives to overcome the deep economic and social crisis that we are already experiencing.  To achieve this, the development of experimental projects with those sections of the population affected are necessary to counter the impact of  depression and other social and economic pressures through close, intelligent and innovative monitoring.

The EAPN is currently involved in several Madeiran projects.

Samantha Gannon

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