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Habeas Corpus Court Case Resolved

The young woman who requested habeas corpus after being forced into confinement at the Vila Galé Hotel, in Santa Cruz following her arrival in Madeira from Lisbon, has been released and will now go into solitary confinement at home.

Yesterday, the investigating judge, Susana Mão de Ferro, listened to the young women’s plea against her forced detention while a representative of the Institute of Health Administration of the Autonomous Region of Madeira – IASAUDE, was also in attendance.

Without speaking to journalists, the defendant entered the court accompanied by her lawyer, who told the media that her client had tested negative and that she would continue to fight for her cause against what she considered to be an unconstitutional cessation of her human rights.

The Health Authority, already ‘anticipating’ the court’s decision, released the plaintiff yesterday having completed a second negative Covid-19 test who will now go into solitary confinement at her home.

The woman, who arrived in Madeira on Friday, strenuously opposed her quarantine conditions and proposed three alternatives:  confinement at home, undertaking a second Covid-19 test, or returning to Lisbon.

Samantha Gannon

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