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Posts tagged as “nhr”

“NHR” under pressure in France and Portugal

Beneficiaries of retirement pensions from French sources (excluding public sector retirees) who settled in Portugal before 01 April 2020 may benefit from the Non-Habitual Resident scheme, an attractive tax-free regime for a period of 10 years. This favourable assessment results from a combined application of the double tax treaty concluded…

NHR – 2020 State Budget requires a minimum tax of 10% for foreign pensioners

Expatriates to pay at least €7,500 in income tax per year on foreign sourced pensions With the proposed NHR changes in the 2020 State Budget, promoting Portugal as the “Florida of Europe” might soon become more difficult. Foreign pensioners who join the non-habitual residency scheme  (NHR) in the future will…

High-value business activities given streamlined application

Foreign residents applying for Non-Habitual Resident status with high-value-added business activities (“VTA”) may now receive prompt approval for a flat-rate tax of 20% on earned income in income categories A or B (salaries and sole trader income). Under previous practice, “VTA” approval was individualised and could take a year or…

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