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Lisbon Airport with 50% of air traffic in August, compared to 2019

During this month of August, at least half of the number of flights registered at Lisbon Airport has resumed according to the data from ANA – Airports. Air traffic has begun to show signs of recovery after the 93.8% drop in the second quarter as compared to the same period…

“Renda Segura” – Safe Rent Programme kicks off

After months of delay, Lisbon Council is to sublet 1000 flats currently available only under Local Lodging (“AL”). With a budget of €15 million to be spent over five years, the City expects to sublet one thousand apartments currently let short-term as Local Lodging to be made available at affordable…

Local Lodging: Lisbon can accommodate 102,000 holidaymakers

As compared to hotels, “AL” already has twice the capacity to receive tourists in Lisbon. In the nation’s capital which has 500,000 inhabitants, Local Lodging can accommodate 102,000 holidaymakers. In March 2019, there were 18,000 “AL” units in the municipality of Lisbon, an increase of around 80% from 2008, maintaining…

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