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I Apologise To Those Detained

The Attorney General of the Republic broke her silence and in an interview last night with RTP spoke about the case that shook Madeira earlier this year and brought down the Regional Government.

Lucília Gago apologised to the three men (two businessmen and the then Mayor of Funchal) caught up in the drama, leaving the three to be dragged off the island, thrown into the back of a transport carrier, and then incarcerated for 22 days, under an operation whose name is still unknown.  A situation that according to Lucília Gago is abnormal.

“I don’t think that this happens normally. The event is unprecedented. I regret that this has happened,” she said.

However, she considers that what happened in this case was something truly exceptional. However, the Public Prosecutor’s Office did what it was supposed to do, with effort, but it did it. In other words, “the people were presented within 48 hours, but the task of collecting evidence on which the indictment was based was extensive. It was not an easy task.

Although considering that the image of the Public Prosecutor’s Office is “very weakened,” Lucília Gago guarantees that the confidence of the Public Prosecutor’s Office is not in question.

The Attorney General of the Republic also stated that she has never considered resigning, defended that there is “an orchestrated campaign” against the Public Prosecutor’s Office, and considers the Minister of Justice’s comments that they put their house in order indecipherable and serious.

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