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Unruly Tourists Cause Chaos

A group of Portuguese tourists caused a ruckus this morning in Garajau, Caniço. The incident occurred between 01:45 and 02:00.

Eyewitness revealed that both women and men were involved, allegedly all part of the same group. There were people from the parish at the scene, but no one has yet been able to confirm if they were at the centre of a heated debate.  Although there is no information with regard to the severity of the wounds, screams could be heard. The assault began in a local bar and moved to the middle of the road.

A police source revealed to JM that a PSP patrol approached several individuals who were causing a disturbance on the public road, very close to the roundabout of the Hotel Dom Pedro Garajau.

The same source assures that he did not witness any aggression, because when he arrived several individuals were arguing, however, the posture and torn clothes indicated that the altercation had been heated and violent.

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