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Trash Traveller Promotes Environmental Awareness

Between the 17th of May and the 19th of June, the environmental awareness and ocean protection project entitled ‘The Trash Traveller’ will move along the coast of Madeira to meet with the public, schools, scientists, and other institutions

The challenge begins next Friday and, through visible pollution from ‘rubbish’, the organisation will address the “invisible problems of the ocean, such as deep-sea mining,” as it carries out refuse collection activities.

May 17 – Inaugural activity with two schools in Funchal, collection of cigarette butts and consequent deposit at 12 noon in Praça do Povo;

May 18 – Inaugural action to raise awareness of cleaning Almirante Reis Beach, at 10 am.

May 20 – Start of the hike in Madeira, at 2 pm.

June 8 – End of the walk in Madeira and creation of an art performance with the rubbish collected in Funchal, at 10 am.

“Marine ‘litter’ is the most visible problem to the general public. In this sense, ‘The Trash Traveller’ uses simple acts, such as rubbish collection, as a starting point for the discussion of ocean conservation. In its awareness-raising activities, pieces of refuse art are created and problems and solutions are debated, from the individual level, presenting alternatives to plastic and ‘Zero Waste’, to the debate on systemic changes for the conservation of the oceans.”

Samantha Gannon

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