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We Are Not Subject to External Influences

The Indonesian Embassy in Portugal said today that the outcome of the trial of the two Portuguese detained for drug trafficking will result from the “evidence presented” and the “applicable legislation,” denying that any “external influence,” such as possible interference by Cristino Ronaldo will have any effect on the outcome.

In a clarification requested by the Lusa news agency, the minister counsellor of the Indonesian Embassy in Lisbon, Nilton Amaral, said that the case is currently being investigated in depth by the Indonesian police, who are committed to carrying out a thorough analysis, in accordance with the national laws and procedures of that country.

“We rely on your process to identify and prosecute the main perpetrators involved in this case,” he said.

The two Portuguese men were arrested on the 17th of March, suspected of drug trafficking, in Jakarta, Indonesia, a country where the crime is punishable by the death penalty.

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One of the youngsters is from Madeira and was a footballer, just like Cristiano Ronaldo. The name of the footballer currently playing in Saudi Arabia was pointed out by Nilton Amaral in an interview with RTP, in which he said that a possible solution could go through “diplomatic channels” or other “actors”, giving the example of Ronaldo.

However, and asked about a potential influence with a view to a more favorable outcome for the two Portuguese, Nilton Amaral told Lusa that “the legal procedures strictly follow the Indonesian legal framework”.

“The outcome of the process will be determined exclusively by the evidence presented and the applicable legislation, without external influence,” he said.

And he indicated that “the Embassy of Portugal in Jakarta is actively engaged with the Indonesian authorities and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to ensure that the detainees receive the necessary consular assistance.”

“Our priority is to facilitate communication between detainees and their families in Portugal, providing them with support and providing them with updated information as it arises,” he said.

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