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We Must Fight Corruption

Francisco Gomes, elected by Chega, takes office tomorrow at the São Bento Palace, thus beginning a four-year term.

In Lisbon, the deputy recognises that his mandate “has specific characteristics, which will require from all parties and stakeholders a great sense of state, as well as an enormous capacity for analysis, consideration, and dialogue.”

“The fact that we are on the verge of having a government of the Republic based on a parliamentary minority is not, in itself, a factor that determines instability and the imminence of new elections. I believe that all parties with parliamentary representation are well aware that we cannot constantly run elections, as the country is in a sorry state and in need of urgent reform.”

Despite having already been in the national parliament, Francisco Gomes admits that the new parliamentary mandate entails unique responsibilities and will require great work capacity.

“Several factors contribute to making it a different experience, starting with the fact that I am the only member of parliament from Madeira in the parliamentary group, which gives me an added responsibility in defending the issues that concern our social and political reality. In addition to this, there are a lot of expectations on Chega, people want us to make a difference and they have given us a strong mandate. It is therefore urgent to honour this trust with the capacity to work and through proposals that improve the lives of citizens, who have struggled for a long time.”

With regard to the main guidelines for his parliamentary action, Francisco Gomes identifies with the strengthening of autonomy, the fight against corruption, the fight against poverty, and support for young people, the elderly, and workers as key priorities.

“We have to have more and better autonomy so that we are more masters of our own lives and so that we have the power to define policies that are essential to our growth. In addition to this, it is urgent to cleanse the country of those who abuse our resources and trample on the population. Still, we must put an end to the misery to which so many citizens are condemned, including people who work and pay their taxes. Finally, we must be able to create opportunities for young people (both in terms of work and housing) and treat the elderly and those who work with dignity. In other words, we have to be a country for everyone – not a country for the smart, corrupt, and opportunistic.”

Samantha Gannon

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