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SANAS Stops Boat From Sinking

Due to the quick intervention of SANAS Madeira this afternoon, a vessel that was on the verge of sinking was rescued.

On the organisation’s website, SANAS said

“Earlier today, a vessel was found in a serious condition due to hull damage caused by the vessel repeatedly colliding with the Porto Moniz shelter pier.  As such, the constant battering had created a hole in the port fin.

The quick intervention of the crew members of the Porto Moniz Lifeguard Station (ESV), who had the reinforcement of a vehicle and team from ESV Santa Cruz, prevented greater and more serious consequences to the vessel that was already listing due to water infiltration.”

After pumping out the water, the hole was sealed and the fenders readjusted to protect the fragile area, concluded the message.

Samantha Gannon

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