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41.8% of Fathers Co-habit With Partner

According to statistics released by the Regional Directorate of Statistics in Madeira (DREM), in characterising the profile of parents of children born in the region in 2022, 41.8% of fathers reported living in a cohabiting relationship with the mother of their child.

The same information shows that of the parents of the 1,758 children, 23 were parents of twins, 98.2% were residents of the region, and 4.3% had foreign nationality, with Brazil and Venezuela being the predominant ones.

Regarding age, the majority of fathers, 52.7% were between 30 and 39 years old, 17 was the age of the youngest father and 68 was the age of the oldest. 34.8 years was the median age.

Of the sample, it should be noted that 41.8% lived out of wedlock in cohabitation with the children’s mother, and 20.5% lived out of wedlock without cohabitation with the children’s mother.

Finally, the data shared by DREM reveal that 92.7% were employed and 4.7% were unemployed.  Of this number, a percentage were referred to as ‘salespeople!’

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