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Accident Simulation at Pináculo Viewpoint

This morning at the Pináculo viewpoint, a staged collision involving a car and a bus resulted in the bus overturning, causing 3 simulated fatalities and 13 mock injuries. Additionally, the exercise included a scenario where it was suspected that an individual from the car was ejected onto the cliff face of the viewpoint.

Several Civil Protection Agents of the Municipality participated in this initiative, promoted by the Funchal City Council: Funchal Fire Brigade Company (CBSF), Madeiran Volunteer Firefighters (BVM), Portuguese Red Cross (CVP), Rapid Intervention Medical Team (EMIR), Municipal Civil Protection Service (SMPC), Regional Command for Relief Operations (CROS), Madeira Operational Command – Armed Forces (COPMAD), Public Security Police (PSP), National Republican Guard (GNR) and Maritime Authority (Captaincy of Funchal).

In total, 80 emergency service personnel took part in the rescue mission using drones, visual surveillance, and manpower.

The Mayor and Vice-Mayor of Funchal, Cristiana Pedra and Bruno Pereira, respectively, and other entities of the Security Forces and Civil Protection accompanied the entire operation on site.

On the occasion, Cristina Pedra explained that “this exercise/simulacrum aimed to recreate a disaster situation in a difficult area.  She went on to say that the exercise had been meticulously planned and that an evaluation report would soon follow.

This initiative took place within the scope of ‘March Civil Protection Month,’ organised by the Municipal Civil Protection Service (SMPC) and the Funchal Fire Brigade.

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