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SANAS Warns of Irresponsible Bathing

It’s been another day of coastal patrols by teams from SANAS Madeira, made even more important due to the swell affecting the coastline.  As part of their monitoring activities, SANAS officers were able to capture images of tourists doing very silly things, all just to get that one perfect shot.

They stress that maritime warnings are issued to alert the population to dangerous coastal events, and given the high number of incidences where people have been swept away by waves, and capturing images of people trying to take selfies of themselves against the backdrop of a thunderous sea has made them think of new ways they can try and reduce the number of occurrences.

The solution; is greater vigilance. In a statement, Ângelo Abreu, the Operational Commander of SANAS Madeira added:

“We have a road crew that we use on days of ‘great’ maritime agitation and this team travels to coastal hotspots and more importantly to areas where there have been incidents before. These interventions are based on prevention, information, and education, and it has been possible to avoid some situations that could easily have escalated to real occurrences.”

Samantha Gannon

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