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Banana By-product Animal Feed

Banana by-products, such as skins and non-marketable fruits, will be used to feed the region’s animals.

This decision was the result of the partnership established between the newly created Regional Directorate of Veterinary and Animal Welfare, GESBA – Banana Sector Management Company, and the Regional Secretary for Agriculture and Environment, Rafaela Fernandes, whose representatives today attended a new feed demonstration at the Madeira Zootechnical Station, in Porto Moniz.

In this regard, the partnership between the two entities was praised as it will create a circular economy using banana by-products as animal feed.

According to a note sent to the newsroom, the experimental project, developed by veterinarian Daniel Mata, director of Livestock Development services, will allow the feeding of animals from the Madeira Zootechnical Station, in Porto Moniz, and the Madeira Sheep Farming station in Santana.

Daniel Mata also added that the Directorate of Livestock Development services can be contacted at 291 145 465 for technical advice for animal producers interested in this environmentally friendly feed solution.

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