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Miguel Albuquerque and Manuel António Correia Leadership Battle

The deadline for the submission of candidacies for the leadership of the PSD/M ended today at 18:00. There are now two candidates: -Miguel Albuquerque and Manuel António Correia.

The Social Democrats will choose the new leader in the Direct Elections scheduled for the 21st of March, four days before the President of the Republic regains the power to dissolve the Legislative Assembly of Madeira.

The two candidates delivered on time the lists for the election of the Regional Political Commission and Secretariat and the proposals for a global strategy at the regional headquarters of the PSD/M, formalising the intention to dispute the internal power of the party that has governed the Region since 1976. Applications and their proposals for an overall strategy had to be submitted in digital and paper format.

Now, the militants have until the 8th of March to pay their dues, for the purpose of including their names on the electoral rolls.

Only those who have their dues regularised until 2023, and who have registered with the party by the 20th of March 2023 can vote.

both men had to collect a minimum of 200 signatures from affiliates (and a maximum of 250) for them to be accepted.

According to the regulation of the election of the Political Commission and the XIX Congress of PSD/Madeira 2024, approved on the 21st of February, only candidates for the Regional Political Commission and Secretariat could submit a proposal for a global strategy. Also, only these candidates were able to submit lists to the Political Commission and the Secretariat.

The elections of the Regional Council, the Council of Jurisdiction, the Boards of the Congress, and the Regional Council take place during the congress, scheduled for the 20th and 21st of April, at the Madeira Congress Centre.

Furthermore, Alberto João Jardim, former President of the Regional Government and former leader of the PSD, justifies the support given to Manuel António Correia in the race for the leadership of the party with the need to ensure a “future of UNITY.”

The explanation of the support was revealed through a post on his social media account, which reads:

“Autonomist courage and social-democratic militancy of Dr. Manuel António Correia in running for the leadership of PSD/Madeira, even though the Party is undermined and controlled, from within, by personal interests! I have signed it on behalf of the Madeirans and for a future of UNITY.”

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