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Climate Activist Attacks

The President of PSD/Madeira, Miguel Albuquerque, today considered the paint attacks by climate activists regrettable, stating that they take away credibility from the movement.

“I think these scenes are unfortunate, a bit folkloric, because they make the very movement for the defence of ecosystems, the environment, climate change, lose credibility,” considered Miguel Albuquerque, when asked about the green paint attack on the President of the PSD, Luís Montenegro, during a visit to the Lisbon Tourism Exchange (BTL).

Miguel Albuquerque, who was speaking to journalists after formalising his candidacy for the presidency of the party’s regional structure, added that these issues “must be discussed from both a political and scientific point of view.”

“I think that the best way to face these great challenges that humanity faces is through science, reason, the discussion of ideas, and research, it is not through these folkloric manifestations that are, from my point of view, offensive to the dignity of people and inhibit rather than create open democratic debate.”

Asked, if Luís Montenegro was present in Madeira as part of the electoral campaign for the legislative elections due on the 10th of March due to the current political crisis, Miguel Albuquerque said that he was not.

“No, I don’t think he comes to Madeira because of the current situation.  He is here as part of his work.” When asked if this also had anything to do with their political differences, he affirmed that his visit had nothing to do with it.

On Friday, Luís Montenegro said that in Albuquerque’s place “maybe he would have done things differently, while the next day, Miguel Albuquerque reacted by saying that ‘it was his (Luís Montenegro’s) problem and that he could do what he wants!”

Miguel Albuquerque has led the PSD/Madeira since December 2014, when he succeeded Alberto João Jardim, who for almost four decades was at the head of the party. In 2015, he also succeeded him in the presidency of the Regional Government, a position he still holds, now in the condition of resignation.

The PSD/Madeira will hold direct elections on the 21st of March, and the deadline for submitting candidacies ends on Thursday the 29th of February at 18:00. So far, only Miguel Albuquerque has formalised his candidacy.

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