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Is National Service a Solution?

The ADN – National Political Alternative Political Party has started its electoral campaign strongly by advocating a return to National and Regional Military Service.

The party understands that, in this way, it is possible to prepare society “for life with rules, discipline, patriotic sense and respect for authorities and hierarchies, something that is increasingly noticed lacking in our youth.”

The DNA states that regional service would “complement their life skills, because if the parents give them the education, the teachers the teaching, the army will be able to give them this disciplinary component and social cohesion.”

In addition, like PSP, GNR, and firefighters, the “military also have families and need good salaries and working conditions to be able to carry out their duties and with dignity, something that has not happened for many years, just look at how obsolete we are in terms of equipment, weaponry, vehicles and even in the case of the Navy … just look at those scrap metals they send us to ‘protect’ our coast and Exclusive Economic Zone. Before worrying about equipping other countries at war, they should invest more and better in National Defence.”

Samantha Gannon

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