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Should You Stay, Or Should You Go?

Miguel Albuquerque referred today to the “new leadership” that will come from the 21st of March elections which will determine the decision to maintain a coalition with the CDS party.

Speaking of the situation, the President of the Regional Political Commission stated:

“This is a problem that will be up to the next elected leadership of the PSD to decide.  However, there may be a large faction of the PSD/M who do not want to continue the CDS coalition.”

The CDS entered into a coalition with the PSD in the October 2019 elections and has remained with them ever since.

The President of the PSD-M, Miguel Albuquerque spent a good part of the press conference today stating that his condition as an arguido (suspect) does not take away his political suitability.

Moreover, he made a point of stressing that the ongoing judicial process was “triggered by accusations with a political nature,” alluding to the necessary separation between politics and justice.

Miguel Albuquerque later confirmed that he will “almost certainly” be a candidate for the PSD-M elections, and reiterated that he has never been bought by anyone, and firmly believes that he can lead an effective new government.

As it stands the Regional Council will meet on the 21st of February.  Regional elections will take place on the 21st of March which will be followed by a congress on the 20th and 21st of April.

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