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Missing Man Found Down A Ravine

A man was rescued this afternoon by a pre-hospital team from the Santa Cruz Fire Department (CBSC), after being found by an individual who was on his way to the gym.

The man was trapped in a ravine, inside a hole, in Mãe de Deus and had to be rescued by officers from the Santa Cruz Fire Brigade.

According to the commander of the corporation, Leonardo Pereira, the CBSC received a missing persons alert. He immediately committed a support vehicle with two operatives to search for a missing person in the area of Caminho Velho dos Moinhos. Meanwhile, while the search was underway, the CBSC received an alert via 112 from a man saying that someone had fallen into ‘off-road terrain’ which was difficult to access.

The CBSC sent three vehicles and eight operatives to the scene. When they got there, the teams found a man, aged approximately 80 years old, who had slipped down a ravine. The man was conscious but was wounded.

It was quickly confirmed that the man had been reported missing by his family as the rescue mission was underway. Once he was stabilised he was transported to the A & E department of the Dr. Nélio Mendonça Hospital.”

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